Health Care

BiCARBUS scale control treatment when applied in conjunction with a primary disinfection product (e.g. chlorine) to all facility inbound water counters organized microbial societies in a manner that disassembles biosolids and thereby eliminates resistant surface societies.

Benefits derived are numerous:

  • Ice machines develop higher oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) which assists in keeping the ice always clean since full ice basins operate on a “last in, first out” basis. Melting ice remains bacteria free thereby eliminating drainage slime buildup. All inbound filtration must be carbon free.
  • Surgical prep, sterilization, neonatal, renal dialysis, intensive care units, and specialty OBGYN Jacuzzi systems deliver pathogen-free safe water.
  • Hot water systems descale allowing for the elimination of pathogens found in recirculation loops as well as plate exchangers and mixing valves.
  • Softening systems sodium exchange basins are cleaned and remain clean and free of bacteria.
  • Kitchen appliances descale. Dishwashers, food prep surfaces, and ice machines become exceptionally clean and free of accumulated deposits.
  • Shower heads and faucet valves can become scale-free and remain open without damage to gaskets and seals.