BiCARBUS scale control treatment when applied in conjunction with a primary disinfection product (e.g. chlorine) to all facility inbound water counters organized microbial societies in a manner that disassembles biosolids and thereby eliminates resistant surface societies.

Some of the benefits of nonscaling water include:

  • Hot water systems descale allowing for the elimination of pathogens found in recirculation loops as well as plate exchangers and mixing valves.
  • Softening systems sodium exchange basins are cleaned and remain clean and free of bacteria.
  • Kitchen appliances descale. Dishwashers, food prep surfaces, and ice machines become exceptionally clean and free of accumulated deposits.
  • Shower heads and faucet valves can become scale-free and remain open without damage to gaskets and seals.
  • Swimming pools, conventional and salt systems, descale thereby requiring fewer chemicals to deliver “chloramine free” environments with exceptional clarity. Makeup water will now eliminate resistant, accumulated phosphate, and all forms of algae development.

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