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Industrial Process Water

Making All Water Nonscaling

Adding BiCARBUS BOOST to source water for production facilities not only cleans out distribution and storage but can elevate water to a level where it becomes nondepositing and a pathogen intervention as well.

Employing this treatment provides phenomenal cost-benefit value by eliminating nucleation and harborage of tenacious microbial colonies throughout the entire campus.

BiCARBUS BOOST resonant frequency blocks communication within developing persistent microbiological communities. Some of the benefits include:

  • Disinfection extends throughout the distribution system to the distal outlets.
  • Disinfection levels can be lowered and still provide lower disinfection byproducts at all maximum retention sites.
  • Process heat transfer circuits can operate without opposing biocides.
  • Water savings are realized as surface scales reduce on transfer and condenser surfaces.
  • Water systems remain in service as water quality actually improves while
    biosolids are being removed.


This technological advantage requires no capital outlay and can be sourced without contractual obligation.

Our belief in this technology has focused our efforts on becoming the leader in advanced activation solutions as well as a solid, reliable supplier.

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"Our carpenters were so impressed with the quality and so was I. It is quiet, smooth and a joy to use. All of our guests and visitors comment on it and ask where we got such an amazing piece of hardware."
- Mindi, Surrey, ENG