Municipal Water

Eliminating Demand in Distribution

From diminished well capacity to loss of disinfection in distribution, BiCARBUS nonacid scale control treatment is the cost effective answer to saving process water throughout the entire service system.

Wellhead Development

Elimination of diminished pumping capacity as well as lowering static drawdown can be accomplished by adding BiCARBUS nonacid biosolid scale treatment.

It works in a completely different manner, rather than dissolving bicarbonate organic substrate, BiCARBUS breaks down bacterial organizing colonies thereby releasing scale structures they use as harborage.

This method of operation causes this new technology in bioscale reduction to work as fast, if not faster, and more completely without corrosion and hazardous byproducts or toxic residues.

Distribution, Membrane Cleaning

Biosolids develop disinfection demand throughout piping surfaces both in distribution and on surface areas in nano, ultra, or micro-membranes. As colonizing bacteria entrench and protect themselves on all surfaces areas, elimination of the controlling mechanism has been proven the most effective means of removing bioscales at ambient pH, without requiring acidification.

Treatment is nonhazardous, requires no capital outlay, and is extremely cost effective.

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