Nonscaling Water

All facilities are an “end of system” attachment to their public water system and are prone to develop biofilms and scale. 

Public Water Systems Contend with Biomineralization (Demand)

From diminished well production to the loss of disinfection in distribution, Primary Disinfection + BiCARBUS Activation provides a new benchmark for cost-effective production and maintenance of water systems.

Pipe deposits can now be removed while improving water quality during normal production. 

Wellhead Development

Unblocking diminished pumping capacity as well as restoring static drawdown can be accomplished by adding BiCARBUS Activation biomineralization treatment.

Rather than dissolving bicarbonate organic substrate, Primary Disinfection + BiCARBUS Activation disrupts iron reducing bacterial colonies, thereby breaking up down well biomineralized resistant formations. Adding Activation does not affect pH or elevate system corrosion.

This formulation works faster and is more cost effective than conventional chemistry or even liquified CO2