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  1. REFRIGERATION TOWER SCALE REMOVED. Condition of refrigeration tower BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) scale removal with BiCARBUS

  2. WYOMING ULTRAFILTRATION SYSTEM INCREASED PERMEABILITY. After treating the membranes with one gallon of BiCARBUS

  3. NORTHERN UTAH HOSPITAL WATER SYSTEM CLEANED BY FOLLOWING ASHRAE 188-2015 RISK MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS. BiCARBUS BOOST treatment utilizing "quorum sensing" control removed latent biofilm and harborage in the entire water distribution system.

  4. CITY WELL REHABILITATED WITH BiCARBUS BOOST. Initial volume, well waste discharge basin (left). Discharge cleaned, resulting in more flow than before (right).

  5. CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT, LAS VEGAS, FLUID COOLER CLEANED ONLINE. Initial tube condition (left), scale released as a result of BiCARBUS BOOST treatment (center), and clean tubes after treatment (right).

Formation of Biofilm

Today is the age of super bugs--antibiotic-resistant bacteria are everywhere. Bacteria have become resistant to chlorine! Research from leading universities demonstrates how single cell organisms can resist highly concentrated forms of disinfection.
HARVARD: Watch as E. coli resists 1,000X higher strength antibiotics within 11 days ...

Superior Bacteriological Control from a New Technologically Advanced Technique of Deposit & Bio-scale Removal & Prevention in Water Systems
Microbes can resist all forms of disinfection.

We live in an age of super-resistant microbes. No matter what form of decontamination employed they persist. How they do this has recently been discovered by two leading universities, Princeton and Harvard.
Princeton University research confirms that individually, bacterium is harmless—it is through "quorum sensing" (the ability of bacteria to communicate) that bacteria unite in power and purpose collectively to create biofilm and scale, and the more serious health- and life-threatening, contamination and pathogenesis.
BiCARBUS thwarts "quorum sensing!" The stunning implication of this discovery is that your disinfection combined with BiCARBUS will provide the safest and highest quality drinking water—free of biofilm, scale, and microbial concerns. Plus, these results will come faster, be more effective, and cost less than any other form of chlorination.

Strength of Resistance

How resistant and how fast Biocolonies Form

Just like E. coli, and all other bacteria in the world of medicine resists antibiotics, all bacteria in your water distribution system become resistant to disinfection and all types of chlorine.

PRINCETON: Dr. Bonnie Bassler, "Individually, bacteria are harmless - it's through "Quorum Sensing" (bacterial communication) that bacteria unite in power and purpose to cause resistance and pathogenesis..."

How Bacteria Become Resistant

Researchers discovered how QUORUM SENSING works to build Biofilms and Pathogens

The ability to block "Quorum Sensing" has stunning implications for medicine and industry, according to Dr. Bassler.
In the case of water-borne bacteria within public water systems, if communication can be blocked, then these bacteria remain powerless to form resistant biofilms and bio-scale. The result is total microbial control.